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Interesting links

YourSpeed alternatives

There are many other on-line speed measurements on the internet. On the  * website you will find a large list sorted by geographical location (Note: the website has been down lately, I hope it'll be back soon!). The closer you are to the measurement's server the higher your speed will be. Many people like to go looking for the measurement that gives them the highest speed.

The results of the YourSpeed measurement cannot be compared with any other measurement, it is unique. It's the only measurement in the world that calculates your average speed to 40 websites simultaneously. An average is always lower than a highest speed. about YourSpeed: I have found that YourSpeed is one of the best speed testing tools on the internet.

Tip: There are (un-)official usergroups for just about all providers. The websites of such usergroups usually contain helpful hints and tips about speed, and often have a dedicated speed measurement in place. A good place to search for such a usergroup is in articles on the forums and newsgroups on the website of your provider.

Track your traffic

 * PC Magazine's NetPerSec
A little Windows utility that monitors all TCP/IP activity to and from the Internet or other networks, and graphs the communication speed.
 * NetStat Live
A little Windows utility that monitors all TCP/IP activity to and from the Internet or other networks, and graphs the communication speed.
 * Pingplotter
Enhanced trace route program for Windows 95/98/NT. Shareware (30-day trial, then $15).
 * DU Meter
Program that will show the traffic goïng through your modem. Shareware (30-day trial, then $15).

Optimization tools

 * Net.Medic
Net.Medic is a browser plugin that can identify the source of your network bottleneck, your PC, modem, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Internet backbone, or remote Web site server. It offers you recommendations for solving them, and in certain cases, automatically fixes them for you. Note: it looks like Net.Medic will not be available much longer, it is quite old and many of the links on the website don't work anymore.
 * Speedguide
This website has lot's of information about optimizing your modem and how to use programs like iSpeed and MTUSpeed.
 * iSpeed
A tool to optimize the registry settings of Windows 95 and NT.
 * Sam Spade
Sam Spade is an excellent freeware program for network administrators, containing tools such as ping, nslookup, whois, IP block whois, dig, traceroute, finger, SMTP VRFY, web browser, keep-alive, DNS zone transfer, SMTP relay check, Usenet cancel check, website download, website search, email header analysis, Email blacklist query, Abuse address query, S-Lang scripting, Time.


 * Internet Traffic Report
Shows the speed of the internet in the world based on "ping" measurements.
 * Caida
A long list of tools for speed and performance measurement. Mainly of interest to webmasters and network administrators.
 * HTTP Performance (Yahoo)
Collection of links to HTTP benchmarks and websites about optimizing webservers. Mainly of interest to webmasters and network administrators.

 * Submit a link
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